SCQF Framework

SCQF stands for Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. The framework helps young people (and their parents!) as they move through school, college, university and the workplace. As parents, it’s natural to try to relate your child’s school experience to your own, but the Scottish education system has changed a lot since you were at school.

Our SCQF ambassadors work together to raise awareness and levels of understanding of the SCQF Framework. They promote flexible learning pathways for learners as they plan their learning journey, understanding the many different learning programmes on the framework and how these can be compared against standard academic qualifications.

SCQF Ambassadors 2020/21

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What the SCQF means to us

Range of qualifications in SHS

SCQF Guide for School pupils


SCQF Guide for School parents and carers


Today's qualifications in old money!


The SCQF Framework


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