Supported Study

“Study Support may be defined as a voluntary activity which young people participate in outside school hours. It may take the form of any activity which aims to improve self-esteem and helps to develop young people’s capacity to be effective learners”.

John McBeath “Study Support in Scottish Schools”

Stirling High School recognises and supports the definition of supported study as set out by John McBeath and includes supported study as an integral part of the school’s Raising Achievement strategy.

While recognising that supported study goes deeper than merely providing opportunities for pupils to complete homework projects the proposed programme is divided into three main areas.

Supported Study

  • Subject Specific Support

  • Study and Learning Skills

  • ICT across the Curriculum

Social Inclusion Programme

  • Additional Support Needs Supported Study

Supporting Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Clubs – established and proposed

Supported Study Timetable

Information regarding supported study times will be posted here when they are finalised for the exam diet in 2021.