Transport Traffic Management Plan

At Stirling High School our key priority is the safety of our young people, staff and visitors. In August we introduced a policy of reverse parking for all staff and council visitors to the school. There is strong evidence to suggest that this can make a huge difference to the safety of people using the car park and this has been introduced in a number of different of work places.

We request that you help us to make the school car park as safe a place as possible by following the guidelines below:

  • Reverse parking at all times. In the interests of safety please reverse park when parking at Stirling High School.

  • Drop off/ pick up points at the front of school are for school buses, minibuses and taxis only. Please use the large car park area at the rear of the school building to safely drop off and pick up your child.

  • Disabled parking bays are for blue badge holders use only.

  • Observe speed limits and have patience at busy times of the day.

I thank you for your cooperation with the above guidelines and believe that by working together we can help ensure everyone using our car parking facilities will be able to do so as safely as possible.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss this in more detail please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Ally Macleod

Depute Headteacher