Broad General Education: S1-S3

Our BGE curriculum has been designed around the CfE experiences and outcomes up to and including the fourth level, in each of the 8 curricular areas of CfE:

S1 Curriculum

In S1 our young people cover a wide range of subjects within the above curricular modes. French is the main language studied, in addition to this young people do a taster module of Mandarin. 

Pupils are grouped in mixed ability classes. To ensure that each class has pupils from the full ability range, primary reports are used, along with information gathered by secondary staff (Pupil Support and Additional Support Needs staff) during their visits to the primary schools.

The emphasis on S1 is on group work, project based learning and cross-curricular themes where appropriate.

S2 Curriculum

In S2 our young people continue to deepen their knowledge of subjects within the curricular modes. However, in languages, young people also experience taster modules in Spanish and German in addition to continuing with their primary language of French.

Towards the end of S2, pupils are able to deepen their learning and personalise their curriculum for S3 by taking forward 8 subjects.  

S3 Curriculum 

The curriculum for S3 is;

A choice of five other subjects, chosen to ensure a young person covers each of the curriculum areas required within the BGE i.e. selected to ensure coverage of Social Studies, Sciences, Expressive Arts, Technologies.

Whilst young people complete the BGE in S3 there is the opportunity when appropriate, for Learning and Teaching to be aligned to national courses.

In January S3 pupils decide which subjects they will study in S4. Information is provided for pupils and parents about the choice of courses available in S4. Detailed advice is given by Pupil support, Senior Management and subject staff about these decisions, depending on each pupil’s progress, interests and career aspirations.

Senior Phase – S4, S5 and S6

During their Broad General Education young people in Stirling High will have gained a firm foundation for progress into the Senior Phase. Within the Senior Phase the school remains committed to the principles of Curriculum for Excellence. We recognise the importance of the 4 contexts of learning:  

and strive to provide our young people with a wealth of opportunities and learning experiences to develop them as responsible citizens, confident individuals, effective contributors and successful learners.  

Our senior phase is aspirational and supportive to create opportunities for our young people to achieve their best. There is a wide range of courses in subjects that enable progression pathways for all abilities.

Young people in S4 study English, Maths and 5 subjects of their own choice leading to National Qualifications at levels ranging from National 1-5. Most young people will complete their first qualifications at the end of S4. In addition to award bearing subjects young people study the core subjects of and PSE, PE and RME.

Young people take five subjects as they enter S5, one of which we strongly advise should be English or Literacy. These courses can be studied at a range of levels, they can include Higher courses and National 1-5 courses. All young people study core RMPS. 

In S6, young people usually study 4 subjects. Advanced Highers are available within their curriculum, as are some Open University modules. Young people in S6 are encouraged to opt into range of activities such as volunteering, leading various initiatives around the school such as the drama club and house events, paired reading, S1/2 buddying, membership of committees, Duke of Edinburgh, working with primary schools and many others. These personal achievement opportunities are extremely important in a young person’s personal and skills development.

Our Senior Phase Curriculum is enriched by partnership working. This involves pro-actively creating partnerships with our colleagues in our partner schools, in higher and further education and with our partners in the world of work and employment. We have improved our link with Forth Valley College and it is planned that there will be an increased number of pupils who are able to access the college facilities and undertake courses which are jointly delivered by school and college. We provide and facilitate flexible relevant work experience for young people in our senior Phase. Developing our young people’s skills for learning, life and work is key to our aim of our young people being the best that they can be.

Permeating the curriculum S1 to 6 is a whole school focus on developing skills in literacy, numeracy, health and well-being, creativity, digital and employability skills. All young people are supported in Personal and Social Education (PSE) which is delivered by tutor group teachers one period per week.

The months between January and March are crucial for students who are considering their options and choosing the subjects which will ultimately have an impact on what they could go on to study at college or university and what careers could be open to them in their futures.

We hold Parent Information Evenings for Parents/Carers of current S2 and S4 pupils before they begin to make their choices.