The rationale behind foreign excursions here at Stirling High is to provide learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. These trips offer invaluable opportunities for our pupils to engage with different cultures, languages, and environments, fostering personal growth and global awareness. Importantly, the principle is to ensure that any pupil, regardless of background or circumstance, can apply to take part in these trips. Our rationale ensures that we are also not excluding pupils based on their subject choice. By making foreign excursions accessible to all pupils, we are ensuring inclusivity and equity, enriching the educational journey for everyone involved.

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We employ a fair and transparent method for selecting students for foreign excursions: the "Names Out of a Hat" process, after expressions of interest have been confirmed.

Interested students submit their names, which are then randomly drawn from a hat until the desired number of participants is reached. This ensures equal opportunity for all, fostering a sense of fairness among students.

Additionally, we maintain a backup list comprised of pupils who expressed interest but were not initially selected. If a selected pupil decides not to participate, someone from the backup list is offered the opportunity, ensuring that every interested student has a chance to take part.