About Us


Welcome to Stirling High School’s website.  Stirling High School is reputed to be the 3rd oldest in Scotland, with a rich heritage and can trace its origins to the 12th century.

Our motto is "Tempori Parendum" – be prepared for your time.  The school community is committed to preparing our young people for life today and for the future through a wide range of experiences to develop knowledge, skills, attributes and values.

Our website provides an insight into the work of our school and updates on our young people’s achievements. You can follow our school on Twitter: @Stirling_High or like our Facebook page.

Our website aims to support the school community of pupils, parents, staff and partners to access information and enhance communication.

We hope you find the website informative. Our school handbook also contains additional information.

Please feel free to get in touch by emailing our school office, if you have any queries or suggestions.

About Us

Stirling High School is a state high school for 11-18 year olds run by Stirling Council in Stirling, Scotland. We are one of seven high schools in the Stirling area, and have approximately 1020 pupils. We are located on Torbrex Farm Road, near Torbrex Village in the suburbs of Stirling, previously being situated on the old volcanic rock where Stirling Castle lies and on Ogilvie Road.  Our headteacher is Ally Macleod.

Originally established for the training of ecclesiastics, we began as the seminary of the Church of the Holy Rude, founded in the reign of David I in 1129. Both the church and school, along with those of Perth, were brought under the charge of the monks of the Church of the Holy Trinity of Dunfermline in 1173.

"Tempori Parendum" 

Our school motto is “Tempori Parendum” –  ‘be prepared for your time’.  Our school values are Respect, Responsibility and Achievement.

In our school community we provide stimulating and challenging experiences that will enable all learners to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will prepare them for life today and in the future.

We will achieve this by: