1:1 Digital Learning – Frequently Asked Questions

All young people in S1-S6 have been provided with a Google Chromebook for learning in school and at home. Chromebooks should be brought to school, fully charged, every day.

Chromebooks will not be issued until the Home Agreement has been returned. Extra copies of the agreement can be picked up from the school office.

For new pupils beginning at Stirling High, Home School agreements should be returned before a Chromebook will be issued.

This FAQ will begin to answer many of the questions that you may have about 1:1 Digital Learning. If your question is not answered please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

What is 1:1 Digital Learning?

1:1 Digital Learning is about putting mobile technology into the hands of pupils to enhance learning. The mobile device that we have decided to issue is the Chromebook. This decision was taken on the basis of results from two other local authorities in Scotland who were involved in pilot 1:1 schemes.

What is 1:1 Digital How will 1:1 Digital Learning help my child?

Studies involving similar 1:1 schemes have shown that pupils are better involved in their learning, with increased motivation and the potential for higher achievement.

Will my child be using their Chromebook in every lesson?

The Chromebooks will be used to support learning as appropriate. Use of the Chromebooks will vary from lesson to lesson, and from day to day. The technology will enhance rather than replace traditional tools for learning.

When will my child be issued with a Chromebook?

Chromebooks will be issued in August following attendance at an assembly. Parents/carers will have an opportunity to meet with staff during that week to ask any additional questions. No Chromebook will be issued until parents/carers and pupils have signed and returned the Home School Agreement. Actual dates will be confirmed over the summer.

Will there be ‘getting started’ sessions for my child to learn the basics of using the Chromebook?

‘Getting started’ lessons will take place in August when Chromebooks are distributed. Chromebooks are also used well across our learning community. We work closely with primary colleagues to build on the use of Chromebooks in the primary setting.

Will my child bring their Chromebook home?


How long will my child have their Chromebook for?

It is anticipated that your child will continue to use their Chromebook for as long as they remain a pupil at Stirling High School.

Will my child be expected to share their Chromebook?

No. Chromebooks will be clearly tagged with a unique number. Every pupil will have their own Chromebook and it is their responsibility to keep it safe at all times.

Do I need to contribute to the cost of the Chromebook?


What responsibilities will my child have for the safe use of the Chromebook?

Pupils will be expected to bring their Chromebooks to school each day fully charged up. Any technical issues should be brought to the attention of the school as soon as possible.

Pupils will be reminded of the safe use of the internet and social networking sites, as well as our local authority policy on taking photos and making videos, prior to the devices being distributed.

What are my responsibilities as a parent/carer?

We would encourage parents/carers to support the school by reinforcing the messages regarding safe use of technology. The use of filters to control access to certain web content at home is recommended. The school website will offer guidance and advice around this area. The school has a management console that looks after the Chromebooks. This allows the school to manage the devices, add new apps remotely and monitor the pupil’s usage.

We support internetmatters.org, a website giving impartial advice and step-by-step guides showing how to set up parental controls on your home broadband and other mobile devices.


It would also be appreciated if parents/carers would encourage their child to fully charge their Chromebook prior to coming into school and report any breakages or technical issues as soon as possible.

What are the responsibilities of the school?

The school will provide the Chromebooks and the necessary technical support as detailed in the Home and School Agreement. Filtered access to the internet via usernames and passwords will continue as at present.

Do I need to provide Internet access at home?

Chromebooks run with limited functionality offline. Please contact the school if you do not have Internet access at home - we may be able to provide a MiFi unit.

While it is anticipated that most apps will require web access, this is provided in school. If pupils require web access to complete work, they can also use the school's Wi-Fi either before or after school or at lunchtime.

How does my child charge their Chromebook?

All young people are provided with a charger to charge their Chromebook at home. It is also possible to charge a Chromebook at break time or lunch at the Digital Champions charging station.

What if the Chromebook is damaged or stolen?

This should be reported to the school immediately. The school will have insurance in place to cover accidental damage to, and theft of, Chromebooks. If the damage is found to be malicious, there may be consequences.

My question is not here. How can I get an answer?

Please email the school office: stirlinghs@glow.sch.uk