Senior Pupil Captaincy Team

Who are we?

The Senior Pupil Captaincy Team are a group of senior prefects at Stirling High who are helping to support pupils and create positive improvement by bridging the gap between pupils and staff.

The Team

School Captains

  • Ella Mackie

  • Liam McQueen

Vice Captains

  • James Clafferty - Douglas

  • Mairi Craig - Stewart

  • Angus Henderson - Eccles

  • Madie Lawson - Randolph

  • Anna MacKinnon - Snowdon

Values Leaders

  • Ellen Mackay - Respect

  • Kester Harris - Responsibility

  • Isla Dempster - Achievement

Senior Prefects

  • Hannah McMillan - Charities

  • Kirsten Fowler/Amy MacDiarmid - Panda Posse

2020/21 Team Achievements

Transition Website

11 May 2020

During lockdown, the Senior Pupil Captaincy Team of 2020/21 produced content for the SHS transitions site, which provides useful information and advice to P7s who are transitioning to High School this year.

Return to School Q&A

10 August 2020

We ran a Q and A on our Instagram account (@SHS_PupilTeam) answering your questions about returning to school. We hope that this helped answer your questions and settled some nerves!

Senior Buddies

12 August 2020

We're were part of the 70 senior pupils who were the Senior Buddies to the new S1s.

Virtual Tour

16 August 2020

We produced a 360 virtual tour of the new one-way system at Stirling High School using ThingLink.

Mental Health Twitter

29 June 2020

Two of our team, Sadie (Head Prefect) and Mollie (Values Leader), are our Mental Health Ambassadors and have set up a mental health Twitter page (@SHS_MHA) which is being regularly updated with new resources and information.

Mask Campaign

8 September 2020

Our social media team (David and Laura) started our #WearAMask campaign to promote the wearing of face coverings where they are needed. We also respect those who cannot wear a mask. Mollie (Values leader) helped with create the graphics.

Thanks to the pupils and staff who are photographed here.

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