Columba 1400

Columba 1400 Young People’s Leadership Academy at Stirling High School

We are working in partnership with Columba 1400 to develop leadership in our young people. 

We are creating further programmes for all young people in S1 and S2 to provide opportunities for their own leadership skills to be nurtured and developed further.

All our young people in S1 and S2 will experience our Columba 1400 leadership academy through assemblies, PSE and in workshops throughout the session. Many of these sessions will be led by our S6 Values Leaders.

We will also be working with a small group of S2 young people who will travel to Skye to take part in a project designed to build their resilience and realise their potential through values based leadership. An assembly was held with all S2 young people to introduce them to Columba 1400 and values based leadership. Young people were asked to express an interest in starting their leadership journey and will be invited to attend a values day afternoon to find out more. 

This will allow us to invite 16 young people to begin planning their leadership project in Skye. This group will be selected in consultation with parents, carers and our pupil support team and will include young people who may have experienced a lack of opportunity, are disadvantaged and who have demonstrated our own school values and leadership potential.

Young People’s Residential Leadership Academy

Our Columba 1400 Leadership Academies will allow our young people to discover their own values and how these can help them realise their true potential in education, work, life and community. Columba 1400 adopt a holistic approach to working with young people which also involves key adults in their lives who participate alongside them, this involve a 5 day’ stay at Columba 1400’s Leadership Centre at Staffin on the Isle of Skye.

Our first group set off in Monday 15 November 2021:

Our second group will begin their phase 1 journey shortly, before visiting Skye in December 2022. You can find out more about the programme here.

Outcomes for Young People

As a result of our range of experiences in S1 and S2:

We are excited at the prospect of offering our young people a new experience that will build on their existing strengths and develop their capacity to realise their potential.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the programme and the ongoing achievements of our young people.