School Uniform

Our uniform unites the school community.

Update on School Uniform from Mr Cassidy

Update for August 2020

School Uniform Summer 2020

Stirling High School - School Uniform

Our school community is very proud of how smart our young people are and how well they represent themselves, the school and their families. Our uniform unites the school community; our pupils come from many different backgrounds and the uniform instils a sense of common identity. School uniform is an important part of the identity of Stirling High School. All our young people are expected to wear full school uniform inside the school including blazers.

Our school uniform:

  • Blazer

  • White shirt

  • School tie (junior/senior colours if awarded)

  • Blue jumper/cardigan with SHS logo (optional)

  • Black trousers (not jeans) or skirt

  • Black Shoes (Not trainers)

  • Black socks or black/neutral tights

  • S5/6 prefects will also wear blazers with silver braiding

Unacceptable wear for school

  • Outdoor jackets should be removed when inside the school

  • Football colours in any form

  • Tracksuits/Jogging Bottoms/Denim wear of any kind

  • Designer labels/fashionbelts/hats/scarves/ large jewellery

  • Coloured T-shirts worn under white shirts and blouses

  • Coloured tops other than school colours

  • Hooded Tops

  • White/multi coloured Trainers

  • Non-school jumpers/cardigans

  • Leggings/Jeggings/black jeans

PE Kit

Royal blue school T shirt (can be purchased from logoxpress), sports shorts and tracksuit bottoms, sports socks, indoor sports shoes, swimming costume (one piece for girls) and towel, and if outdoors, sweatshirt/rain jacket.

  • Our uniform unites the school community; our pupils come from many different backgrounds and the uniform instils a sense of common identity.

  • Our uniform saves pupils putting fashion before learning. Our uniform minimises peer pressure for expensive ‘fashion’ items and is inclusive for pupils from low income families.

  • Our uniform, and in particular our blazer, allows the community to see the great behaviour and good citizenship of our pupils on their way to and from school.

  • Our uniform, including our blazer, gives pupils a strong visual identity when representing the school at inter-school and community events.

  • Our uniform minimises factions that may resort to bullying pupils for the clothes they wear.

  • Our uniform clearly identifies our pupils as part of the school community when issues of security arise. It is important for staff to identify quickly any person who may be in school and not part of our school community; our uniform, particularly our blazer, allows us to do this.

  • Our uniform reinforces good behaviour; our pupils dress smartly and are well behaved. It is an ever present visual reminder of our values.

  • Our uniform prepares young people for the world of work as many will have to wear uniforms in the workplace.

  • Our uniform shows that you are ready for work and have adopted a positive mind-set for the working school day.

Thank you for supporting us with our school uniform. Please contact the school if you have any queries regarding uniform.