Vision, Values and Aims

Young people, staff, parents and partners were asked to review the school’s values, aims and vision. Our School Improvement Group developed the feedback from parent, young people, teaching staff and support staff surveys to create our school’s values, aims and vision. 

Stirling High School is a community where we are committed to doing our best. We REACH out to support everyone through developing:

Through developing resilience, ethos, achievement, community and health, the school aims create the support and environment for our young people to be the best that they can be.

School Values


One of the most important values to carry through life is respect. It is the foundation upon which any good friendship, society and community is built. In Stirling High, we take this value very seriously and encourage everyone to use it when making decisions. Even a small act of respect can brighten someone’s day, you never know how much someone may need it. 

In our school, respect helps us with many things. It helps us navigate the best ways to deal with bullying, mental health and much more. Respect also allows us to have a better understanding of the rights of the pupils, teachers and everyone else who makes up our school community. It is important to remember to treat everyone you meet with respect, it truly does make the world a better place.

The respect values team will always be here to help if you find yourself in need.

By the Respect Group


The dictionary definition:

The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. 

"a true leader takes responsibility for their team and helps them achieve goals"

the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

"The bully claimed responsibility for throwing chewing gum in someone's hair"

But what does this mean in terms of your time at Stirling High and in life going forward?

We are all responsible for things, each in different measures. But the main thing that we are responsible for is ourselves and our actions. This could be; self care, looking after property, finishing homework on time etc. Anything that has a consequence attached that is related to you. 

At Stirling High, we are all responsible for our actions. Bullying is not tolerated, good mental well-being is encouraged and nurtured, homework and school work is finished on time and to the best of your ability.

We hope that these responsibilities, as well as others, will allow you to gain a better understanding of yourself and others around you; and similar aspects will continue to contribute to your success throughout the rest of your life going forward. 

By the Responsibility Group


Achievement is one of our three school values. It’s very important as Stirling High because we want to see you succeed in many different ways, and we want to see you achieve all you want to in life and in school. 

We want to aid you in succeeding in your studies and your school and out of school clubs

We also want to give you the opportunity to achieve in school leadership roles such as: pupil voice, sports council and, once in sixth year, you can be part of the senior prefect team. 

Another way you can achieve at Stirling High School on top of all of this is by winning colours awards and prizes at prize giving for outstanding achievement in your subjects.

We also offer support in finding a part time job for those of you who want one, and encourage you to achieve outside of school to aid you in applying to universities, colleges, apprenticeships and jobs. 

By the Achievement Group

Diversity and Acceptance

Diversity and acceptance is incredibly important to Stirling High School. 

Our Flag Pledge

"We accept everyone in all our diversity and will stand against discrimination in our school. "

The rainbow flag has been used to celebrate peace, equality and diversity around the world in modern history. This flag represents all colours and shows that no colour is more important than others which is why it is a fantastic symbol to celebrate.