S5/6 course choice information

Young people take five subjects as they enter S5, one of which we strongly advise should be English or Literacy. These courses can be studied at a range of levels, they can include Higher courses and National 1-5 courses. All young people study core RMPS.

In S6, young people usually study 4 subjects plus some wider achievement options. Advanced Highers are available within their curriculum, as are some Open University modules. Young people in S6 are encouraged to opt into range of activities such as volunteering, leading various initiatives around the school such as the drama club and house events, paired reading, S1/2 buddying, membership of committees, Duke of Edinburgh, working with primary schools and many others. These wider achievement opportunities are extremely important in a young person’s personal and skills development.

We hope the following information is useful when choosing an appropriate pathway through the senior school.

SHS Curr Info evening