House system

We can trace our house system back to 1921, when it was 'unanimously and enthusiastically decided at a special meeting'. After much deliberation, it was decided in February 1922 that the names of the new houses should be Snowdon, Stewart, Randolph, and Douglas. The four houses remained until 2004, when the new faculty structure was introduced and Stewart was retired. Three houses, Douglas, Randolph and Snowdon existed until the move to the current school building in 2008, when Stewart was reinstated at the expense of Snowdon.

By 2021, the school roll had increased and 2 additional Principal Teachers of Pupil Support were employed, leading to the creation of 2 new Houses.

One of the new houses has been called Snowdon, to reflect the original House names from 1921.

The school has never had a fifth house in its long history, and we reached out to our school community for suggestions for its name. A small group of staff and young people met to look over the suggestions and draw up a short list based on the suggestions.

Every young person and member of staff had one vote each to choose from Eccles, Jaffray, MacLagan and Polmaise. By majority vote, the new House is known as Eccles.

David Eccles was a Stirling High School pupil, teacher, Principal Teacher and Chief Invigilator who passed away in 2020. Mr Eccles served our community for many years & supported our pupils throughout their exams. He supported the local community as the Scottish Football League Youth Development Initiative goalkeeping coach for Stirling Albion.

St Ninians, where our school is situated, was originally known as Eccles (i.e. 'church'), and may have been a Christian site from an unusually early date (possibly 5th or 6th century).

As of October 2021, the school has 5 houses: Douglas, Eccles, Randolph, Stewart and Snowdon.

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