Chromebook Agreement

Every young person is loaned a Chromebook when they start at Stirling High. This is used for a range of learning opportunities and resources to assist and enhance their learning at school and at home.

All parties involved (young people, parents/carers and the school) must agree with all of the statements outlined below.

As a young person, I agree to:

  • Look after my Chromebook carefully at all times

  • Not leave my Chromebook unattended (including during break and lunch times)

  • Charge up my Chromebook every night and bring the Chromebook into school every day

  • Not bring my charger to school, unless required to by a member of staff

  • Always store my Chromebook in its supplied case when not in use, and store it in an appropriate school bag when outside my class

  • Only use my Chromebook in lessons when instructed to by my teacher and close it or put it away when my teacher says so

  • Only use apps on my Chromebook that my teacher has agreed I can use in the lesson

  • Only use my Chromebook to record audio or video clips with the clear and explicit permission of everyone involved in the recording

  • Never access inappropriate content on my Chromebook

  • Not remove any security markings and not allow it to be subject to graffiti

  • Immediately report any damage, loss or theft to Mr Hamilton, DHT

  • Report any technical problems to Mrs Togneri, Senior IT Technician

As a parent/carer, I agree to:

  • Ensure that my child cares for and respects their Chromebook

  • Immediately report any loss or theft which happens out of school to Mr Hamilton, DHT

  • Ensure that the Chromebook is returned to the school if your child leaves the school, or at any other time upon the request of a senior member of staff

  • Monitor my Child’s use of the Chromebook on the Internet at home, to ensure that only appropriate websites are accessed

The school agrees to:

  • Provide each S1 pupil with a Chromebook and access to a range of e-Learning resources

  • Provide pupils with a range of learning opportunities which make use of the Chromebook, both in school and at home

  • Provide parents/carers with ongoing advice to help them support their child’s use of their Chromebook

  • Make sure that the Chromebook is working and that any repairs are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible

  • Give pupils an introduction to using and caring for the Chromebook. This will include a session on security, e-Safety, maintenance and health and safety

  • Provide wireless access to the Internet across the whole school site. Provision will be made after school to allow pupils to complete homework/carry out research using the internet if required. The school will not be responsible for any costs involved, nor content accessed, when the Internet is used out of school

  • Issue questionnaires to pupils and parents/carers to help us in our ongoing evaluation of the project

Acceptable Use

We expect all parties concerned (pupils, parents/carers and the school) to follow all the rules and procedures listed above. If, however a pupil breaks these rules then the school reserves the right to restrict or remove their access to any school digital facility. Specifically in this case:

  • If a pupil persistently refuses to follow a teacher’s instructions or stay on task, they may be told to put their Chromebook away for the rest of the lesson

  • If a pupil accesses the Internet inappropriately, they may be banned from accessing the Internet in school for a period of time. Parents/carers will be notified if this happens

  • In extreme cases, if a pupil persistently or seriously misuses their Chromebook, it will be removed from them by a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Pupil Support staff for a period of time. If this happens parents/carers will be invited in to help the school resolve this matter

Both the young person and parent/carers consent forms need to be completed before a Chromebook will be issued.