Sarah Robertson

About me

Self Employed Makeup Artist/Beautician. I always had a passion for makeup and beauty. I left school to go into full time management in retail, which wasn’t fulfilling for me. I had the opportunity to work for a huge makeup brand in 2017 and that led me to where I am today. I had my goals to be a part of the management team however when I reached my goal, I thought to myself, what’s next? I took the plunge to start my own business and expand my services by learning new skills. I am now lucky enough to be living and working full time in Edinburgh. 

Left school

June 2016.

Senior Phase

In school I achieved Higher (SCQF level 6) in Admin & IT, Business Management, English, Geography and Modern Studies.

During my fifth year, I achieved a Level 2 diploma (SCQF level 5) within Hair & Beauty Industry at Forth Valley College.

Choosing my Destination

Miss Campbell gave me the opportunity to round up a team for hair and makeup during the school’s production of Hairspray, this reassured me that someone had noticed my passion and it was something I wanted to pursue in the future. 

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

I attended Forth Valley college every Friday to complete a Level 2 Diploma within the Hair & Beauty sector. This introduced me into the sector at a young age which helped solidify what I wanted to do when I left school. 

Skills I've developed

When I first left school I went on to become an Account Manager for a large makeup brand and the higher business management course helped me understand my team and how I could be an effective manager but tapping into what motivated my team. Happy team = successful business. Moving on to the present day I now run my own business, with the knowledge I learnt from higher admin & IT and business management taught by the wonderful Mr Hamilton, I am able to easily keep track of all my income and spendings. I have learnt how to successfully promote my business by collaborating with other local businesses and colleges as well as having occasional promotional offers and creating bounce back loyalty cards to ensure I have a return clientele. 

My Advice

Do what makes YOU happy. I was told by close family members that there is no career in the beauty industry and now fast forward 7 years later I work full time running my own business and I LOVE what I do. You will spend the rest of your life working so the least you can do for yourself is make sure you enjoy your job. Also, enjoy school. You only get to go once, so make the most of every opportunity that arises and be nice to your teachers!