Lilly Monaghan

About Me

Going in to year 2 at Glasgow Caledonian Universitystudying Building Surveying SCQF level 10.

Left school

June 2022. 

Senior Phase

In S4 I achieved 6 SCQF level 5 course awards in Art & Design, Chemistry, Design & Manufacture, English, History and Practical Woodwork, along with SCQF level 5 units in Numeracy and SCQF level 4 Numeracy.

In S5 I achieved SCQF level 5 Maths and SCQF level 6 Admin and IT, Art & Design, English and started my SCQF level 6 civil engineering foundation apprenticeship at Forth Valley College.

In S6 I completed my Foundation Apprenticeship and studied advanced higher Art & Design in school.

Choosing my Destination

When choosing my destination, I sought advice from my family. My college lecturer was also very helpful.

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

I gained invaluable experience through my foundation apprenticeship. The work based learning part of the course confirmed to me that this was what I wanted to pursue as a career. 

Skills I've developed

I developed skills in communication and confidence through trying new challenges and putting myself out of my comfort zone.

My Advice

My advice to other would be to think about what career you want to go into at a young age, this will help what subjects you will pick at school.