Jack Sullivan

About me

I am currently working as a freelance Grip Trainee in scripted high end television. After graduating I worked an IT job for a few years until leaving my post to pursue a career in TV. 

Left school

June 2010

Senior Phase

In S4 I achieved Standard Grade (SCQF level 5) in English, Maths, PE, French, Physics, Chemistry, Computing, History and Music.

S5 I achieved Higher (SCQF level 5) English, Chemistry, History and Intermediate 2 (SCQF level 5) Maths.

S6 I achieved Higher (SCQF level 6) Music, Computing and PE Performance.

Choosing my Destination

I always turned to my mum for advice (I still do!) She is forever my biggest fan and always pushed me. I went to as many short courses, talks and open days as I could to try and meet people who I thought might be like minded. Always listen to the little voice in the back of your head, it will tell you if you are in the right place (or heading in the right direction). 

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

I've always played sport in one way or another both while I was at school and after I left. The skills you obtain as part of a team will carry you far in life. Effective communication skills, learning how to support others and most importantly learning how to let others support you. All of these skills are at the core of just about every job you will ever have. 

I worked my last year in school collecting glasses in a local bar, I made friends for life and it honed my work ethic, something I am still very grateful for today!

Skills I've developed

Communication is the most critical tool you can master - I spend the majority of my work life glued to a radio. The department I work in has to try and be steps ahead of everyone else and we think about what we are doing, what we are going to do and what could change as we progress through the shoot day. Speak clearly, effectively and and listen to instructions. While your CV can get you in the door sometimes you have to talk yourself in the rest of the way. Good communication can often sell your skills better than any written word.

Once you end up in a position where you are learning/working then its time to start thinking. The crazy thing is sometimes you meet people that forget this, using your brain is free and being self aware can teach you so much. Always question if you could do things better and always question if you are doing the right thing. Be curious and ask people around you questions, about their day, about the things they do at work, what they had for dinner. You will learn such and incredible amount of things about people, you will be surprised who will help you as you go through life. 

My Advice

Take your happiness and put it very high on your priority list. It took me a little while to realise how crucially important it was but I am so thankful that I now do.

You will spend a lot of time thinking while commuting to and from work and you want to make sure the little voice in your head says 'I get to do that again tomorrow' and not 'I have to do that again tomorrow'.

Find lots of people that hold you accountable for what you do, people that drive you on and most of all love you and surround yourself with them. They will be the reason you get up every day and the reason for every thing you do. 

If you don't know what you want to do that's ok, take your time. If you have a dream then chase after it. 

Be like me, take your time and meander, it's a lot of fun.