Innocent Maramba

About me

Trainee Solicitor (Competition) at CMS.

Left school

June 2015

Senior Phase

In S4 I achieved Standard Grade/Intermediate 2 (SCQF level 5) in English, Maths, Physical Education, Geography, Modern Studies, French, Chemistry and Hospitality.

In S5 I achieved Higher (SCQF level 6) in English, Maths, Geography, Modern Studies and Chemistry.

In S6: I achieved Higher (SCQF level 6) in Business Management and Human Biology and Advanced Higher (SCQF level 7) in Modern Studies.

Choosing my Destination

I went to a lot of open days. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after school, so I read a lot of  university brochures to see what could be of interest. I also spoke to my pupil support teacher. 

Doing the above was helpful because it showed me that there was a wide range of careers available, and where you start isn't always where you end up. In the end, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a solicitor, but I chose law because it sounded interesting and it would teach me a lot of transferable skills, even if I decided to do something else after graduating. 

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

I played for the school football team and a local football team. I also had part time jobs at Domino's Pizza and Homebase. 

My extra-curricular activities were very important for preparing me for life after school because they helped me develop skills such as teamwork, communication, and time management.

Skills I've developed

Communication is one of the most important skills I have developed in my job. As a solicitor, communication is key. Whether it's communicating with your client to understand their needs, with your team to make sure you're on the same wavelength, or communicating with the other side to try to persuade them to agree with your viewpoint. I've learned to not be quick to assume things, both in terms of assuming that other people have understood me, and making assumptions based on unclear things that other people have said. Being an effective communicator is one of the most important skills you can develop, regardless of which profession you're in. 

Critical thinking is another important skill. As a solicitor, you have to think about an issue and form your own judgement. In the same vein as the above, I've learned to not take things at face value. Be confident, ask questions, and challenge things that you don't agree with.

My Advice

Keep an open mind and try a variety of things - you have a long road ahead!