Charlie Eadie

I am a Commercial Property Solicitor with BTO Solicitors in Glasgow. I completed my undergraduate LLB and went on to undertake the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. I then secured and finished my two year traineeship at a high street firm in Perth before moving to BTO as a qualified Solicitor. 

Left School

June 2013.

Senior Phase

In S4 I studied Intermediate 2 (SCQF level 5) English, History, Maths and Physics, as well as Standard Grade (SCQF level 5) Computing, French and Geography.

In S5 I studied Higher (SCQF level 6) English, Geography, History and Physics.

In S6 I studied Higher (SCQF level 6) Maths and Modern Studies, as well as Advanced Higher (SCQF level 7) English and History.

Choosing my Destination

I dreamt of becoming a lawyer from a very young age. Although we didn't have any lawyers in the family, I always had an inate sense that it was where I was supposed to end up.  I do though remember having a moment of existential dread when applying for university and realising that I wasn't actually sure what it is that lawyers do every day..! Thankfully what I discovered in the end is that every day is different and exciting - there's no easy way to describe ""A Day in the Life"" of a lawyer!

I was exceptionally fortunate to have a supportive circle around me of family, friends and the great teachers and staff at Stirling High and throughout further education pushing me to do my best and offering up advice. Without that support I absolutely would not be where I am today.

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

I was Depute Head Boy in my sixth year at Stirling High School - an invaluable opportunity which helped to prepare me for life after school by providing added responsibilities outside of classes. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Young Enterprise Scotland team (aided by the fact that our team was full of friends and guided by the wonderful Mr Hamilton!). This project gave a unique insight into team working, disagreeing agreeably and being certain that every aspect of a team enterprise is as important and worth spending time thinking about as another.

Skills I've developed

The skills I have developed and gained have served me well. Not only in terms of academia, but also the importance of kindness, patience and honesty. As I have progressed through studies and in my career, I have found that good things generally come to good people. 

My line of work requires curiosity, particularly when looking to uncover the best outcome for a client, or when dealing with complex legal issues. I remember always having been encouraged to ask questions and to take a genuine interest in other people. Everyone has a story and it is always about finding that common thread.

My Advice

Take every opportunity that presents itself to you and throw yourself at it completely. As long as you work hard and show respect for those around you, you'll do well. 

I also can't stress enough the importance of part-time work while studying. It's impossible to say how many times I've been asked about working through university at a well known pizza restaurant! This work also greatly improved my confidence and how I handle difficult conversations.

I was fortunate to be absolutely certain of what I wanted to do, but I find that when I am struggling with inevitable self doubt or imposter syndrome, stepping back and looking at the bigger picture - where I've come from, where I am and where I want to be - always helps to snap me back into reality. Problems are very rarely as big as they seem. One day you'll look back and amaze yourself with how well you handled things.