Cameron Lepper

About me

Head of Cloud Commercial at Tribal Group and I Chair of the Digital Economy Skills Group. The DESG is an industry led public and private sector partnership, facilitated by Skills Development Scotland, which offers strategic delivery to bolster Scotland’s Digital Economy. It works in close collaboration with the Scottish Government and its agencies.

Left school

June 2013

Senior Phase

In S5 I achieved Higher (SCQF level 6) Computing, English, Maths, Music and Physics.

In S6 I achieved Advanced Higher (SCQF level 7) Music and Higher (SCQF level 6) Geography, PE and Product Design.

Choosing my Destination

I was lucky to have good support from my family who talked through my various options. I also receive a lot of support from the teachers during my final year at school whilst I decided what I wanted to do with my life. 

I ended up choosing a Computer Science degree from the University of Stirling, and loved it. At the end of my studies, I went back for an extra year to do a post-graduate MSc in Computing for Business which really helped consolidate my learning and ready me for the world of work. University is certainly not the only route, but it worked well for me. 

Extra Curricular & Work Experience

In my sixth year, I was a 'buddy' to the S1 students. It was a good opportunity to be part of a support network for the young people coming into the school, and it's served me well in terms of developing my mentorship skills - something that helps a lot today when managing or coaching in the workplace. 

Skills I've developed

The most important skill I use day-in-day-out is communication. Being able to listen to understand what people are really saying, knowing how to be concise and to the point without being rude, and knowing how to manage difficult conversations are all really important skills that I pull on regularly. 

You'll realise one day that you've been developing these skills in your lessons and group projects without even thinking about - but I promise you that those skills will serve you so very well. Not just in work, but life generally.

My Advice

There's absolutely no pressure to decide what you want to do with your life, and changing your mind after trying something isn't a bad thing - it means you've explored an opportunity and have learnt from it - this is a good thing!

Along your journey you will inevitably experience times where things don't quite work out. Don't panic - you'll often look back on those moments in a few years and realise that it opened new doors without you even realising. We often see other people's success as something that happens overnight, but it rarely is. It's something that comes from years of trial and error. So savour failure and understand what you can learn from it. Don't see it as a bad thing.

And finally - practise self-care. Whether it's studying, exercising, or doing your job well - we all work hard towards our goals, but there will be times where we get tired or where life gets in the way. Recognise those moments, accept them, and take a break. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Remember that the skills you develop in your studies aren't just the topics you learn. For example, Maths develops your ability to break a problem down and solve it, English develops your ability to read between the lines and communicate effectively, and Art teaches you to articulate your creativity. When you leave Stirling High, you are a whole lot more than facts & formulae.