Current Opportunities

This page contains current post school or work placement opportunities and is updated regularly.

Automotive apprenticeships - added 1 July 2020

Remit training is one of the UK’s largest and most successful training providers, specialising in delivering apprenticeship in the Automotive industry.

We deliver Apprenticeship Training in the following:

Light Vehicle Technician - The role of a Light Vehicle Technician involves the day to day maintenance and repair of cars and vans, as well as the diagnosis and repair of any damage or faults that may occur on a vehicle.

Heavy Vehicle Technician - The role of a Heavy Vehicle Technician involves the day to day maintenance of heavy vehicles (over 7.5 tonnes) as well as the diagnosis and repair of any damage or faults that may occur on one of these vehicles.

Vehicle Body Repair Technician - The role of Vehicle Body Repair Technician involves repairing or replacing damaged panels of a vehicle when it has been in an accident or not maintained properly. You will learn how to repair and replace damaged panels using gas, electric and plastic welding.

Vehicle Paint Technician - The role of a Vehicle Paint Technician involves painting, re-touching and finishing of work on vehicles that may have been damaged or scratched in an accident. This role may also carry out a full vehicle paint job as part of customisation for a customer who wishes to change the appearance of their vehicle.

Vehicle Parts Advisor - A Vehicle Parts Advisor apprenticeship involves the handling of stock and customer sales. You will learn to liaise with the technical workshop and customers by taking orders over the phone or face to face, selling and maintaining stock control on a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories.

Customer Service - You will be the first-person customers meet when booking in their vehicle or picking it up. Being able to communicate with customers in a knowledgeable and professional manner is vital. You will be taught technical knowledge, customer service skills as well as administration duties.

Remit Training work in partnership with a variety of different companies for example Scania (GB) Ltd, Volvo Truck & Bus, Parks Motor Group, Dingbro Ltd, Euro Car Parts, MAN trucks as well as many small independent companies all over mainland Scotland.

I understand with the current situation that many things are difficult right now, but we are still recruiting on behalf of these employers, it has been ensured that all social distancing measures will be taken as per the government guidelines.

Remit Training put the health and safety of our learner at the heart of what we do.

If any students are interested in an apprenticeship in the Automotive Industry they can email a CV to

Morgan Stanley - Technology Step In, Step Up 2020 - added 1 July 2020

The event is designed for female students in S4-S6 who have an interest in finding out more about the programmes offered in the Technology division of Morgan Stanley in Glasgow. Deadline Sunday 31st August 2020.

Event Date: Friday 23rd October

Event Time: 09:30 – 13:00

They require applicants to provide a CV and a cover letter to explain why they are interested in attending. Once applications close they will them review your application and make a decision on your registration.

More information here.

Dream Bigger online opportunity for 16/17 year old girls - added 1 July 2020

Dream Bigger is a fully funded programme focused on developing transferable entrepreneurial skills in 16-18 year old females across the UK. Our aim is to drive confidence in preparation for the future world of work and impact the percentage of women who intend to start a business.

Designed to activate the recommendations of the Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, our mission is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by embedding entrepreneurial education in the curriculum across the UK.

By engaging with Dream Bigger, students will:

  • Broaden career horizons and develop awareness of entrepreneurship as a possible future career

  • Develop future skills and capabilities in young women, leading to increased confidence and resilience

  • Bridge the gap between education and the workplace, preparing young women for the future world of work

  • Develop awareness, understanding and self-reflection of themselves and others

Click to find out more.

Virtual work experience with Inspire 20 - added July 1 2020

Inspire20 is an online programme of inspiring educational and career talks. The aim of these sessions are to:

  • Help young people (ages 16-24) understand the energy transition and the exciting careers available

  • Support a sustainable talent pipeline for the energy sector

  • Showcase our diverse and inclusive staff and their career journeys

  • Create a sense of community for young people

One Profession, Many Journeys (Law) - added 1 July 2020

No-one with the ability, drive and desire to be a Scottish solicitor should be prevented from doing so. One of the factors that can present a barrier is a perception that a career in law is only for the privileged few. That is not the case and we welcome and encourage anyone to pursue this path.

This campaign features a number of our colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences, sharing their unique journey to becoming a solicitor and why they chose that career path. As a lack of identifiable role models can discourage young people in their career choices, we are engaging with schools in providing posters featuring all our participants.

We are delighted that these colleagues have chosen to participate. Each brings their experiences and backgrounds to enhancing and making a success of their professional roles.

We'll be launching one participant's poster and story each day over the coming week.

Brightest Watts eWeek July 2020, Heriot-Watt University - opportunity for new S5s - added 1 July 2020 (closing date Monday 6 July)

The Brightest Watts programme aims to provide new S5 pupils with a motivational insight into university life. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and the emphasis is on meeting new people, learning new skills and boosting confidence.

Although the global situation means that we are unfortunately unable to run our Brightest Watts Summer Week in the usual format. Over the past few weeks, we have taken time to consider the options available and are now very excited to announce the updated Brightest Watts programme for 2020/2021 S5 pupils.

This programme is comprised of three parts:

  • Brightest Watts eWeek – Monday 27 – Friday 31 July 2020

  • Brightest Watts eWeek masterclasses – three dates throughout the year

  • Brightest Watts eWeek Residential – Monday 12 – Wednesday 14 July 2021 (3 days and 2 nights)

All activities on the Brightest Watts programme are free. We expect pupils to commit to taking part in all three parts of the programme.

Pupils who are interested in taking part in the programme can find further information and an application form at Places are limited and although we welcome all applications, we will prioritise pupils from SIMD20 postcodes, those with care experience, those with caring responsibilities and those from schools with low progression rates to higher education. The deadline for application is Monday 6 July.

University scholarship for pupils hoping to study law - entries open until 22 July 2020

CMS is the 6th largest law firm in the world and has recently been named in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. As well as supporting students in their university applications, our Law Scholarships offer students a chance to develop a relationship with us and start their journey into the legal profession. We hope a CMS Law Scholarship is a great opportunity for a school pupil hoping to go on to study law.

CMS are looking for two S5 or S6 state school pupils, hoping to go on to study law, to become their next CMS Law Scholarships winners for Scotland. The winners will receive £2,500 per year, for each year of their law degree, together with mentoring support and paid work experience with the firm. This is now the sixth year of awarding the scholarship in Scotland and previous winners have gone on to study law at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Strathclyde.

How do pupils apply?

To enter the competition, they ask for a short essay and application form, which is to submitted by Wednesday 22 July 2020. You can find full details of the CMS Law Scholarships and how to apply on their website. A copy of the Rules for the competition in Scotland can be found here.

You will see that there are certain financial and academic criteria to be met in the competition – they will be happy to receive queries from pupils to confirm eligibility, if you are unsure about this.

ACES Summer School 2020 The art of… art at a distance - added 1 July 2020

We will be moving our summer school online this year. Open to new S4 – 6, this is a brilliant opportunity to explore new artists, designers and architects, to work collaboratively with other ACES pupils and tutors, and to start developing your own work too. For those pupils planning to apply to a creative course next year, the work you make on the summer school and go towards your portfolio. For everyone else, it’s chance to get creative and have fun!

You might be thinking: How can we make art if we're not in the studio? Without the right materials? Or anything to inspire us? But these problems aren’t new! In fact, many artists have been faced with a lack of space and materials to make their work. Some have had to work at home or in isolation, not always through choice. Many artists have found themselves bored with their environment or lacking inspiration. This summer school: you will explore how artists have responded to their circumstances to make work which is challenging, ambitious and thought-provoking you will learn the skills and the confidence to make work on your own with what is available to you As always, it’s completely free and pupils must be eligible for and registered with ACES to apply.

Who can take part?

Eligible pupils in S4, S5 and S6 – you must be registered with ACES to apply

How do I sign up?

Head to the ACES website at the link below, and click on the ‘event booking’ page to sign up:

When is it?

Monday 27th – Friday 31st July, 2020

Flexible timings: 3 hours per day, including live sessions with work to be done in advance

What will it involve?

A mix of live sessions, independent work, collaboration with others, practical tasks and artist research What will I need? A device Some of the work will be online, via the University of Edinburgh’s Teams page and exploring artists’ work via their websites. You will need to have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone for a few hours each day over the course of the week.

Physical Materials

You will also need some physical materials to make your work with! Start now - begin to gather/scavenge things from the list below around the house. You don't need many of each and if you can't find or don't have some of these, don't worry. a few old newspapers and magazines pages from an old comic/cartoon strip some cardboard boxes or packaging silver foil and cellophane old yoghurt pots or plastic food containers (the sorts of containers that supermarkets often package fruit, vegetables, cakes or fresh food in) old clothes/t-shirts (things that you are ready to throw out and don't mind cutting up or painting on) It would be good to make sure that you have the following basic art materials too: graphite drawing pencils and some charcoal if you have it coloured pencils plastic eraser and/or putty rubber felt-tip pens and sharpies some acrylic paint or gouache paint (or poster paint) in basic colours: red; yellow; blue and white a sketchbook or some heavy white cartridge paper to draw on. A4 size (21 cm x 30cm approx) fine some plain white card for painting on. A3 sheets are fine. If you don't have white card, the inside surfaces of cereal boxes would do Before summer school, we will check with each of you what you have available on both of these lists and, also, what you haven't got.

For more information and to sign up, please visit our website To get in touch, email or call 07766 511980. We hope to hear from you soon!