Parents' Evening

Our Parents Evenings normally take place during the year, by year group and are usually on a Tuesday night from 4.30pm until 7pm. We use an online booking system which can be viewed here.

Parent Guide for the online booking website:


Please enter the school via the main entrance and sign in at the desk in the foyer. Parking is available in the main school car park.

Interviews are for 5 minutes only and the system will only work if both parents and staff keep strictly to appointment times. If, for any reason, you miss an appointment, please go to the next one on your list. If you need more time to discuss your child’s progress, please make an appointment through your child’s Pupil Support teacher so that the matter can be dealt with more fully. 5 minutes is the maximum time that can be allowed for any discussion on this evening so that the requests of as many parents as possible can be met. Please understand this and don’t take offence if staff appear to end discussions rather abruptly.