Parents' Evening

Our Parents' Evenings take place during the year, by year group on a Tuesday night from 4.30pm until 7pm. We use an online booking system which can be viewed here. Whilst the Covid-19 restrictions are ongoing, our Parents' Evenings will take place virtually.

On the evening, Parents with appointments log on to

Information will also be emailed.

Parent Guide for the online booking website:


The S1 parents' evening will take place on Tuesday 23 March from 4:30pm to 7:00pm and will be an online video meeting with your child’s teachers, due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

This is the fourth time we are attempting this form of parents’ night following a successful S5/6 evening. We have tested the system and we are confident it will work well.

We are using the same booking system as usual and this will be where you log in for your appointments. The school will send you this information via email one week before the planned evening.

Interviews are for 5 minutes only and the system will only work if both parents and teachers log in time for their appointments.

There is a one minute break between each appointment.

It is very important that your computer or mobile is set to the same time as the school’s system. The system uses and it's important that the clock on this device runs to the same time.

If, for any reason, you miss an appointment (for example if your connection fails) you may be able to re-join but you will not be able to revisit that appointment at a later time or date. You have to follow the pre-set appointment times.

School staff do not control the appointment start or end times. It is not possible for staff to delay or extend an appointment. A 5 minute countdown will begin as soon as your appointment start time passes.

Neither the school nor parents or carers have permission record the video meeting.

5 minutes is the maximum time that can be allowed for any discussion on this evening so that the requests of as many parents as possible can be met.

We are sure you will appreciate that there can be technical hitches with this way of communicating. We think it is important to do our best to give you the opportunity to communicate with your child’s teachers. Please bear with us as we attempt to find solutions in these challenging times.

If you have any queries regarding the parents’ evening please contact the school. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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