RISC - Researchers in School Club

Interested in the chance to do real scientific research? Then join RISC.

Relevant and important scientific research can be carried out by anyone at whatever age.

This is the idea behind the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) and is the aim of RISC.

A small group of pupils across the year groups meet regularly at lunchtimes to carry out scientific research. Some of the work is based on IRIS projects whilst other projects have been developed by the club.

Research has included measuring the carbon footprint of the daily school run, monitoring the evolution of glaciers around the world, and even mapping penguin colonies in Antarctica using satellite images to locate their droppings.

Other opportunities for research include mapping deep space using sophisticated telescopes, assessing air pollution, analysing the orbit of the International Space Station, and ..., well it is up to you.

Coding, data analysis, and team work all play their part. All projects are supported by scientists and engineers working in universities and industry as well as IRIS itself.

Communication is important in science. Members of the club are given training in how to produce scientific posters and to present at conferences. In 2020 they were given a Highly Commended award from IRIS for their poster on Penguin Poo.

Penquin MP3.mp3

Interview by Dr McDonald and Julia Kupczyk (S5) on the BBC World Service.

There are opportunities to gain new skills, work for a British Science Association CREST Award and gain recognition in school by being awarded Colours.

You might not think of yourself as a scientist but take a risk and come along to RISC. It might be the first steps to a fabulous career.