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We are currently working towards becoming a Young Scot accreditation.

Young Scot is the national information and citizenship organisation supported by the Scottish Government for young people aged 11-26 in Scotland.

Young Scot also provide opportunities for young people across Scotland in order to help develop their educational and professional development.

We have formed a Young Scot ambassador group in the school - they will be working hard over the next few weeks to share the benefits of Young Scot with us all.

The organisation issues the Young Scot National Entitlement Card to young people aged 11-26. This provides cardholders with discounts for goods and services across Scotland and certain European countries. As well as being part of the National Entitlement Card Programme that runs in Scotland it is also a proof of age card. Find out more

Young Scot also have a rewards scheme where users can earn reward points and then in turn collect rewards. Find out more

S1 pupils are now eligible to apply

Young people in S1 are eligible to sign up for a Young Scot card. The card offers many benefits including shop and travel discounts and other rewards, as well as opportunities to take part in national initiatives. With parent/carer permission, the school can arrange for S1s to receive their Young Scot card. Our pupil Young Scot ambassadors are working on support material to highlight the benefits of Young Scot.

The Stirling Council Senior Phase and Youth Participation team look after this initiative for us and have asked us to pass on this letter.

If Parents/Carers would like their S1 child to receive their Young Scot card, please complete this form by Monday 10 May.

Young People in years 2 - 6 who have not applied for a Young Scot card can do so via the Stirling Council website.

The school works with the Stirling Council Senior Phase and Youth Participation team to register sign pupils up for their Young Scot card during their first year of Stirling High.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Info for Young People

Young Scot have put together lots of helpful resources which you can access here.

Young Scot Coronavirus Page