Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn - What is the purpose?

  • Young people feel empowered as learners

  • Young people are supported to self-regulate

  • Young people are supported to strategise how to become Ready to learn

  • Young people are supported and encouraged to self-reflect on their approach to their learning

  • Shared language used consistently across the school to strengthen support for young people

We are Ready to Learn at Stirling High School

What does that actually mean?

  • We asked junior and senior phase pupils what they thought it meant to be ready to learn at Stirling High School.

  • They told us what they thought and created an image that we are going to refer to throughout the academic year.

Being ready to learn is something you can work at – it's about building good habits and a growth mindset. You can do it – you just can't do it YET!

  • Your teachers will be checking in with you to see how READY you feel to learn and if you don't feel READY they will help support you.

  • We also have an image which will help support you too!

If you feel Ready, Responsible and Respected you will Achieve great things this year.