Computing Science

Computing Science: National 5

Level 5 (24 SCQF credit points)


Software Design and Development

Computer Systems

Database Design and Development

Web Design and Development

In today’s world, nearly every home has a computer, and most people will use it several times a week. However, its use in the home, which is largely recreational, does not provide the knowledge, understanding and skills required by today’s employers.

Computing and information science is vital to everyday life: they shape the world in which we live and its future. They play a key role in meeting society’s present and future needs in fields such as science, communications, entertainment, education, business and industry. In order for society to function, business and industry are always in need of young people with strong computing skills and an informed view of the role of IT in the economy and in society in general.

National 4 Computing Science specification

National 5 Computing Science Specification


National 4 is internally assessed.

National 5 is assessed on an externally marked cross-unit assignment and on an externally marked written examination paper. Examination Paper 110 marks; Assignment 50 marks.


National 5 to Higher Computing

Possible careers include: Website Developer, Computer Forensics, Security Systems, Games Developer, Database Administrator, Technical/Network Support, Digital Media (TV, Radio etc.), Software Tester, IT Trainer, School Teacher, Business/Systems Analyst, Project Manager/Planner, and Events Planner/Manager.

Entry requirements