Widening access

Are you a widening access student?

As a widening access student you are entitled to a range of support from universities and colleges. You can access support throughout your university journey: as an enquirer, an applicant and during your time studying , right through to graduation and beyond.

There a number of types of students who we would consider to be a widening access student. These include:

  • You are from a priority postcode area

  • You are involved in the Schools for Higher Education Programme (LEAPS for us)

  • You are a care experienced student

  • You are a young or adult carer

  • You are an estranged student

Different support is available and each university will have a dedicated email address or phone number. You should also speak to your Pupil Support teacher. We have listed the most common/popular Scottish universities and colleges below. Stirling High is not a 'target school'.