Rights Respecting School

Rights Respecting Schools

We have achieved the first stage of the Rights Respecting Schools Award, Bronze: Rights Committed.

We have established a Rights Respecting steering group.

The role of the Steering Group is:

  • To take the lead in developing and delivering the school's plan to become rights respecting

  • To ensure that the whole school is aware of the RRSA

  • To provide a link between young people, teachers and the senior leadership team, parents and carers and the whole school community

  • To prepare for next stages of the RRSA, Silver: Rights Aware and Gold: Rights Respecting in the longer term.

Senior RSS team

Junior RSS team

The steering group is made up of 12 S5 pupils (James, Boyd, Kirsten, Shihan, Connel, Ellen, Ella, Liam, Eve, Holly, Reigan and Evie) and is supported by Mr Hamilton and members of the Captaincy team. A junior group has recently formed.

The group will work with the whole school community to further the three RRSA Strands of the RRS:

  • Strand A: Teaching and learning about rights

  • Strand B: Teaching and learning through rights - ethos and relationships

  • Strand C: Teaching and learning for rights - participation, empowerment and action

You can read our Action Plan for Silver here.

The Rights of the Child


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