Covid-19 Arrangements

This presentation is shown to pupils in form and is updated frequently to reflect the current guidance for young people at Stirling High.

First Day back Pupils 2020

Face Coverings

Young people are now required to wear face coverings in corridors and communal spaces in school and on school transport.

Some young people and staff are exempt from wearing a face covering for a number of reasons, including medical conditions. Pupils should not challenge each other about not wearing face coverings. We ask that everyone treats each other with kindness and respect on this issue.

Wearing Face Coverings

This video explains the correct way to wear a face covering safely, including how to take them on and off and where to put them once they're off.

This video has been shown to pupils in form.

Socially Distanced Lunch Queues

Young people must queue socially distanced at break and lunchtime in the hub, wearing your face covering, unless you are exempt.

We have added posters and floor markings to make this easy for you to follow.

Prefects will be on hand to support this change.

Why are we introducing this change?

When moving between classes, you are constantly moving. When sitting with friends at lunch, you know who you are sitting with. In the queue for break and lunch, you are moving more slowly and do not know who is in front or behind you. There has also been some ‘crowding’ in the queues.

For those reasons, we have been asked to introduce socially distanced queues at break and lunch.

Thank you for everything you are doing to make the school as safe as possible for everyone.

Queue Information

Main servery

  • If using the main servery, please queue in a line though the hub.

  • Markings have been added to the floor.

  • One pupil per marking.


  • If using the Fresco servery, please queue in a line along the hub window.

  • Markings have been added to the floor.

  • One pupil per marking.

Pasta King/Wrap bar

If using the Pasta King or Wrap bar servery, please queue in a line around the assembly hall.

Markings have been added to the walls.

One pupil per marking.

One Way System

Our one way system is part of our increased safety measures. It was produced by the Senior Pupil Captaincy team.

Letter: Arrangements for the Return to School

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement last week, we are very pleased to confirm that Stirling High School opened to all young people on Wednesday 12 August.

We know that your safety is your number one concern and all staff at the school share your concern. This letter is quite lengthy, but it details the arrangements for our new session, beginning on 12 August.

Everyone at the school is focused on providing a welcoming, nurturing environment to support you. This letter contains a lot of procedures, however, we are at the heart of everything, a school that cares about your well-being and we will work with you to ensure you are safe, happy and achieving.

This letter updates all previously issued information.